Thankful For Color: The Artist’s Palette

For years, the only TV I owned was a small 12 inch black and white. I’m not complaining. I have a large flat screen now and I rarely turn it on. In fact, I disconnected the cable after football season and my husband didn’t even notice until the “Final Four.” 🙂  It’s simply to say that for many years CellpixSeptOct2014 191I stayed tucked inside, introverted, and my window to the world was very much like that 12 inch black and white screen.

Thankfully, I now have eyes that see. Eyes that search. Eyes that drink in colors and flashes and scenes filled with the vibrant beauty of reds and blues and greens and golds and purples. Like a camera, my ever-scanning lenses search and record vivid hues and splashes of a thousand colors throughout life and nature, masterfully stroked by the hand of the Grand Artist. I gaze in wonder at every intentional, well-placed sprinkle and smudge from the Artist’s palette.


Red is bright, lively, and exciting. Hot. Happy…maybe a little loud, wild, and carefree. It lives and laughs and loves with full joy and bold expression.

Orange is…well, I am from Tennessee 😉  balloon-001It’s college football and blinding sunsets and big bouncy circus balls and sweet, sweet citrus. It’s fun and delicious.

Yellow is happy, playful, bright. It beams and tumbles like sunshine…warming my skin, warming my soul. It’s a bright round smiley face, cheerful and encouraging. 🙂

IMG_4049-001Green is full of life…moving, growing, enriching, nourishing. Grass, trees, leaves, frogs. Green breathes and refreshes and sustains. Like softly spoken words, it spreads and gives life.

Blue is soothing. It calms, it invites, it welcomes. It surrounds, covers, and envelops like a soft warm blanket. haiti2015pierIt is a bold broad sky, a deep ocean, big baby eyes, a crooning saxophone.

Indigo and violet…I’m not sure I can tell the difference but I love every shade of blue and purple  They’re dramatic, intense, regal. FullSizeRender (5)Beautiful mature women, stately kings, garden flowers…they all wear purple, all unique, royal, experienced, and proud.

Thankful that the world is painted not only with varied shades of black, white, and gray, but with vibrant colors bursting forth like a thousand hallelujahs. Thankful for eyes that see and colors that warm and cheer and inspire. Thankful for the eye, the heart, the love, the creativity, and the steady hand of the Artist.


“..not even Solomon in all his splendor…”