Let It Rain…

It’s Thankful Thursday! There is so much to be thankful for everyday, so I’m participating in a thankfulness blog at http://www.marshasmusings.com, “linking hearts and blogs through gratitude.” Check it out for encouragement and reminders of our daily blessings.

Today I am thankful for rain. With so many blessings I could be counting, that may seem trivialMarsha's Musings, but the rain is blowing against the window as I write, and I find the splashing drops and low rumble of thunder in the distance quite inspirational.

There was a time when I didn’t rejoice in the rain, but I enjoy working in the yard: digging, planting, and dreaming, so a good steady downpour is like manna from heaven, sustaining all I’ve planted.  Dry, crunchy grass, wilting flowers, and hard barren land make me feel like
I’ve somehow failed to provide proper care and nurture of what has been entrusted to me. Well…maybe that’s a bit melodramatic. Maybe I just like the feel of thick green grass spread out like carpet beneath my feet and enjoy the beauty of the raindropvivid colors and unique shapes and types of flowers. I like to walk through my yard and see the growth and feel the velvety blanket of lush green grass.

As children, many times we don’t like the rain. It thwarts our plans, our intentions to explore and play and run all day. As adults, it sometimes does that too, but other times it causes us to slow down, to pause, and to rethink our day.

I love the sound of rain. Few things are more soothing and nourishing to my soul than a cup of coffee in my hand and a steady drum of rain on the rooftop overhead. Tin roof, shingled roof, canopy of trees, protective umbrella…they all sound exquisite. A cup of coffee, a comfortable chair, a warm blanket, the sound of rain, and the heart and ears of a trusted companion seem to make time stand still: a perfect moment, a quiet refuge, a peaceful haven.FullSizeRender (3)-001

I love the smell of rain. Sometimes the fragrance moistens the air before the first raindrop falls, but I prefer the lingering scent in the moments after a steady Spring downpour. It smells like life and love and newness and hope.

I love the feel of rain. I like when it mists against my face or trickles down between my toes.  The feel of my bare feet splashing through a cool puddle on a warm sidewalk transports me back in time to playgrounds, swings, merry-go-rounds, and sidewalk chalk.

The sound, the smell, the feel, the look…I especially like to watch the rain. I like to see it in the distance and anticipate its arrival. I like the hard driving sheets that pelt against the window and warn me to stay inside. I like the agile pellets that bounce off the road and sidewalk like angry bubbles.

IMG_3818In reality, I know that rain isn’t always pleasant and welcomed. It isn’t always helpful. It can be angry and destructive as well as refreshing and nourishing. It can be messy, inconvenient. It can change our plans, dampen our spirits  But in the end, there is growth, nurture, sustenance, and promise of new life. For this, I am thankful.

“…the grass withers and the flowers fall, butdrop the word of the Lord endures forever.”