A Time For Everything

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:  (Ecc 3:1)

thankfulI’m getting a late start on this thankful Thursday…too busy sitting on the porch sipping tea and watching the birds, butterflies, and falling leaves. This is probably my favorite time of year. As the long, oppressive “dog days” of Summer are retreating to their IMG_5866quiet slumber, 😉 the days eagerly offer warmth and sunshine while the nights have began hinting at the cooler, more refreshing time to come. The blooms of Spring are still painting a vivid tapestry in my back yard while the leaves on the trees are showing signs of becoming weary and worn. Today I am thankful for the continuing faithfulness of changing seasons.

A refreshing Summer storm blew through this week and dotted my porch with IMG_5883splotches of brown and yellow and green. There was a distinctly different feeling in the air: crisp, light, refreshing. Birds and butterflies were alive IMG_5899with the busyness of living and enjoying the dampness of the air and the coolness of the breeze. The sky seemed brighter, the grass seemed greener, the sun seemed friendlier, and even the moon seemed larger and more mysterious. I’m continually amazed at the marvel of creation when I simply take the time to stop and see, feel and breathe.

It’s mesmerizing to watch leaves twirl and drift IMG_5902to the earth, butterflies explore the intricacies of wildflowers, and hummingbirds dart and dance. I marvel at the sight of sunflowers stretching for the sun and crepe myrtles exploding in color. I bask in the the warmth of sunshine and wind on my face. Thankfulness comes with remembrance. I’m reminded that today is a gift and this moment, this season, is fleeting. There will come a season when the leaves have fallen and the butterflies are stilled, the
IMG_5893sun will seem distant and the wind bitter IMG_5905and cruel. So today I will sit, stop, and be still in this moment..thankful for a lingering moment in this season.